FINALLY: A Step-By-Step Roadmap That’s Niche Specific For Over 120 Different Businesses, and you can...
Get it All for Just $1
when you stay on after 14 days as a full Profit Rocket Member
Bonus #1: Facebook Ads "Made Simple" Training (7-Part Series)
($249 Value)
With over 400 million global and over 100 million U.S. users, Facebook is such an important source of leads and sales for businesses these days. The average Facebook user spends about 55 minutes per day on Facebook - you NEED to be tapping into this captive audience. Learn how, and discover all of the dos and don'ts of Facebook advertising in this 7 part course we've made "dog-simple". Yours FREE with your Profit Rocket Membership.

Bonus #2: Turn YouTube Into A Steady Source Of Leads For Your Business!
($249 Value)
Regardless of the product, service, or industry you are in. People are searching the internet for everything imaginable, and video is the preferred method of delivering content. Get in the game and start getting the most out of your marketing efforts by incorporating video via YouTube. Learn everything you need to know with this 3 part video training series. In Parts 1 and 2 you'll learn the ins and outs of YouTube video SEO and in part 3 you'll discover how to monetize your YouTube Videos.
Bonus #3: Content Marketing Summit (Live Event Recordings)
($397 Value)
Are you tired of paying for once-and-done advertising like direct mail, display ads, coupon mailings or pay-per-click ads? Did you know there’s a better way to market your company that’s once-and-FOREVER… generating leads and sales? And it doesn’t cost anything… zero… zilch! It’s called content marketing. In the 2015 Content Hero Summit event recordings, you’ll get the blueprint to super traffic and super sales growth using content as your magnet to attract a never-ending stream of leads.
The Profit Rocket is the ULTIMATE Customer Attraction System Complete With Plug-n-Play Templates,
Tools & Resources... PLUS The Comprehensive Step-By-Step Programs Makes Doubling Your Profits
A Reality Instead Of A Dream! (We GUARANTEE It!)
It doesn't matter if your goal is...
to increase lead flow, improve your conversion rate, increase prices without losing business or to double profits. Get access to the Profit Rocket, a PROVEN Marketing System to deploy in your business today!

Imagine the advantage you'll have over your competition now that Profit Rocket shows you how to market better than your competition!
Profit Rocket allows you to pull away from the pack and separate your business from your competition… you become the OBVIOUS CHOICE for your ideal prospects.

Whether you're looking for all the leads your business can handle, better conversions, more transactions, how to get higher prices WITHOUT losing sales, or Fattening your profitability, the Profit Rocket Client Attraction System provides YOU the Roadmap for Building a More Profitable Business!
Categories Include:
Here's what your Profit Rocket Dashboard will look like
► FRESH Weekly Trainings
► Quick Start Program
► More Leads (44 Different
► More Conversions (31 Different Ways!)
► More Transactions (34 Different Ways!)
► Higher Prices (26 Different Ways!)
► More Profits (37 Different Ways!)
► Million Dollar Business(27 Different Ways!)
► Weekly Business Coaching 
Each Category Has Easy-To-Follow Steps To The MORE SALES SOLUTION You Are Looking For
With HUNDREDS of Different Tactics and Strategies to Grow Your Business, You'll Find All of Your Business-Building Resources Under One Roof.
E-Learning Weekly Series
Every small business owner dreams of building a multi-million dollar business. So we created the program to help you do exactly that… and do it in only 12 short months.
As a new member, you receive fresh weekly trainings designed to, at a minimum, DOUBLE Your Profits within 12 months. Each short, (approx. 30 min.) weekly training builds upon the prior weekly trainings. This way you can build your business correctly from the ground up.

So many companies are fundamentally flawed. And because of the "CRACKS in their foundation" they'll never be able to realize their true sales potential. By following the Profit Rocket System, you are setting up your company to become a multi-million dollar enterprise... NOT a business that provides you a low-paying job.
All you need to do is watch the short training video, then use the Action Guide to implement your next REVENUE enhancing strategy for the week. Imagine, in as little as 30-minutes each week getting more accomplished than you've gotten done in the past year!


Here's the challenge in growing your business today... THERE'S TOO MUCH INFORMATION! The MAGIC behind the PROFIT ROCKET is in how it's organized. Rather than throwing a bunch of expensive courses at you, we've set them up in a logical way so you don't get overwhelmed. You get EXACTLY what you need, when you need it.
Now sure, we could have separated these trainings out and sold each of them individually for hundreds to thousands of dollars... like most online marketing companies...
However, our research shows that often those expensive programs never get implemented simply because busy entrepreneurs don't have the time learn everything at once.
The E-Learning Weekly Series Includes:
► 52 Weeks of FRESH Step-By-Step Blueprint Trainings in Video & Audio Formats
► Accompanying Implementation Action Guides
► Case Study Examples Included!
► Hundreds of Ready-To-Use Marketing Materials, Templates, Scripts & Resources To
     Easily Plug Into Your Business So You Can Implement FASTER!
PROFIT ROCKET Is The Fast Pass To The Cash Hidden Inside Your Business. 
Quick Cash Program
The Profit Rocket System CASH Program is designed to inject a minimum of $10,000 cash into your business within the next 30-days...
What if you don't have any money to invest in advertising?

Inside the Profit Rocket you can access to the 10 blueprints to FAST CASH for your business. And once you implement these strategies, they'll work like a sales machine sending you leads for years down the road.


And the best part is, none of our Quick Cash Strategies involve technical knowledge... so there's nothing that can slow you down to getting your $10,000 in the next 30 days!
Take A Look At A Few Of Our QUICK CASH Solutions...
► How To Create You Million Dollar Message
► Changing your Business Card Into a Lead Gen Machine
► Competition Crushing Marketing You Can Steal
► Learn How TO Generate Unlimited Leads for Free
► Discover How to Instantly Double Your Business' Profits
Want More Leads?
The Profit Rocket Client Attraction System has 44 different lead-generating resources, each filled with comprehensive, easy-to-follow training videos, action plans, blueprints, case studies, templates and more, all designed with one goal - to help you generate all the leads you can possibly handle! 


It really doesn't matter how good your product or service is... if you suffer from a lack of quality leads, your business, like a ripe peach, dripping with sweet juice may shrivel up and die before it gets picked.
However, with the PROFIT ROCKET System, leads will be the least of your concerns. Simply log into PROFIT ROCKET and select from DOZENS of ways to generate a steady steam of new prospects.

And, once you've got one new PROFIT ROCKET lead system in place... you can add a 2nd, then a 3rd...
Imagine in a few weeks having so many lead sources flowing into your business that you may have to unplug them to keep up with the demand! 
Take A Look At A Few Of Our 44 Different MORE LEADS Solutions...
► How to Get Ranked #1 on Google
► Start Sending Direct Mail That Works to Qualified Lists
► How To Create A Revenue Generating Referral System
► Discover How to Design Competition Crushing Ads
► How To Send Direct Mail To 50,000 Qualified Prospects for FREE!
► Start Producing TV Ads that Grab Attention and Get Results
► Learn How to Create an Automatic Sales Process and License it!
► How To Reactivate Stale Customers
► and more!
Want More Conversions?
Okay... so what happens when you have all the leads you can handle?
You switch your focus on improving your Conversion System.

And really... what good are leads if they aren't "QUICKLY" turned into customers?
The PROFIT ROCKET System excels when it comes to this often overlooked area of your business. And it's one of the best locations for HIDDEN PROFITS!

Imagine if you could increase your conversion rate by a mere 10%? Or better yet 20%... even 50% or more is not uncommon! You've already invested marketing dollars to generate the lead, so even a small increase in your conversion rate will mean a substantial increase in your bottom line profit.

Now that you have lots of leads select one of the 31 conversion strategies inside PROFIT ROCKET then sit back and watch your profitability and marketing ROI sore! 
Take A Look At A Few Of Our 31 Different MORE CONVERSIONS Solutions...
► Learn How to Lower Your Entry Barrier with Irresistible Offers
► Discover the Secrets to Upgrading Your Sales Staff
► Bury Your Competition with a Lien Waiver Strategy
► Email Your Way To Sales Using a Revenue-Producing Drip Campaign
► Ethically Steal Our Advanced Website Techniques
► Learn How to "Spy" on Your Competition and One-Up What They Do!
► All this and so much more...
Want More Transactions?
One of the easiest ways to get more sales is to get your customers to buy MORE OFTEN. The Profit Rocket System show you 34 different ways you can get more transactions.

Imagine if you simply got your customers to buy one more time a year from you. For many businesses that in itself is enough to almost DOUBLE sales.

And you thought doubling your profits was going to be difficult... it's amazing how clear your path to growth gets when you have a roadmap. With the PROFIT ROCKET there's no need to guess, hope or pray that you've made the right decision. All you need to do is select which of the Sales Doubling Strategies you want to implement, follow the steps and let the power of ACTION take you to a record setting year!
Take A Look At A Few Of Our 34 Different MORE TRANSACTIONS Solutions...
► Easily Reactivate Stale Clients
► Make Big Profits Using These Start Up-Selling & Cross-Selling Tactics!
► How To Increase Customer Revenue By Expanding Your Products
► Create A Membership Site From Scratch & Build A Lucrative Recurring Revenue Stream
► Get The PROVEN Special Dates Contest Strategy!
► How To Execute A Powerful Gift Card Strategy
► All this and so much more...
Want to Set Higher Prices?
What if you could sell your products and services for 10%, 25% or more than your competition... without losing a sale?

In the PROFIT ROCKET Higher Prices Module, we show you how! And when you charge more for your services, you not only generate more profits... now have MORE MARKETING DOLLARS to use to attract even more customers!
That's how a business achieves astronomical growth.

Achieving a significant increase in profitability could be as simple as increasing prices. Even a minimal 5% price increase will have a compound effect on your bottom line. That's because there's no extra cost to the 5% increase... so every penny of the increase flows straight to your profit.

The trick of course is making sure your price increase doesn't stall growth. That's why we've created this special section inside PROFIT ROCKET so you can increase your prices and increase sales at the same time!  
Take A Look At A Few Of Our 26 Different HIGHER PRICES Solutions...
► Use Our Tactics to Increase Prices Without Losing Sales
► Learn How to Launch Your Own Product Line
► Discover How to Use a Trade-In Strategy
► How To Use "Compelling Incentives" To Lure Prospects Away
     From Your Competitors
► How TO Create Powerful Offers For Your Business
► How To Use Risk Reversal To Sell More At Higher Prices
► All this and so much more...
Want More Profits?
Who doesn't want MORE PROFITS for their business. Who doesn't want to see more $$$ for their efforts?

With the PROFIT ROCKET SYSTEM, you can take advantage of over PROVEN strategies to help make your business' profits soar and dominate YOUR market.
Take A Look At A Few Of Our 45 Different MORE PROFITS Solutions...
► Learn How to Dramatically Reduce Refunds
► Use or Systems for Increasing Customer Loyalty
► Discover How to Lower the Entry Barrier with Irresistible offers
► See How We Create USPS and How You Can Too to Help Define
     Your Business' Uniqueness
► Learn How to Make A Revenue-Producing Drip Campaign
► And More
Want a Million Dollar Business?
How would you like not just one but... TWO Multi-Million Dollar Businesses?

You see there are actually two major opportunities inside the PROFIT ROCKET.

OPPORTUNITY #2: To Take Your New Business System Created By Using The PROFIT ROCKET & Sell Your Systems To Others In Your Niche For Hundreds To Thousands Of Dollars a Month.

In the PROFIT ROCKET Million Dollar Business Module we show you how to put the finishing touches on your business, so you can package it up and reap the rewards. 
Take A Look At A Few Of Our 27 Different MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS Solutions...
► How to Create an Automated Sales Process & License It For Millions!
► Discover How to Profit Using Trade Shows and Special Events
► How To Systemize Your Business So You Can Earn Six-Figure Profits
     Without Working In it!
► How to Profit Using Trade Shows & Special Events
► How To Effectively Recruit, Train & Manage Your Staff
► How To Successfully Buy a Business
► All this and so much more...
Want An Experience & Proven Business Coach To Help You Get Your Company Growing... Faster Than You Imagined?
As a PROFIT ROCKET Member, you are never alone. Every week you meet with Charlie McDermott... in a LIVE group coaching session. This is your chance to grow your business even faster by listening in and learning about other ways to EXPLODE your sales.

This is also a HUGE opportunity to "Ask The Experts" your business growth questions or challenges. Not only will you get advice direct from Charlie, who charges $7,500 a day for his consulting services... you also get feedback from the other smart PROFIT ROCKET Members that attend the weekly coaching sessions!

And these weekly coaching calls are included as part of the PROFIT ROCKET System... THERE IS NO EXTRA CHARGE!

All Weekly Coaching Sessions are recorded, so if you can't attend, you'll get every word of potent advice, killer examples, and bonuses trainings inside your PROFIT ROCKET Account.
Take A Look At A Few Of Our Past BUSINESS COACHING Training Topics...
► Get Your Business On PAGE 1 Of Google Using Video
► How To Use YouTube To Deliver A Steady Stream Of Targeted,
     New Leads To Your Company
► Use The Blog Utopia Method To Double Your Website Leads
     & To FINALLY Get Sales Direct From Your Blog!
► How To Set-Up & Run a Targeted Facebook "Like" Campaign
► Retargeting Mastery Parts 1 & 2... How To Get Your Customers
     & Prospects To Return Like a Boomerang
► All this and so much more...
Are You A Business Coach,
Marketing Guru, Or Consultant?
Profit Rocket is the ultimate tool to use for your coaching or consulting business. It’s a fantastic visual tool to make screen capture videos with to use for teaching anything related to Internet Marketing or Online Business.
You can model your clients’ businesses or ideas in Profit Rocket and show them an ‘interactive’ model of how all the numbers will work.
Profit Rocket makes a great value-add for your coaching or consulting business. 
Plus... You get FULL ACCESS to the Ad Templates Library!
Over 120 Business Categories!
Below are just a few ad template examples
The Profit Rocket Ad Templates Library contains thousands of High-Converting Display Ads, Postcards, Radio & TV Ads, Email Campaigns, Sales Letters and more! (They Are All Yours To Use, For No Additional Fee!)

Templates, Scripts, Case Studies… All Designed To Save You A Ton Of Time And… More Importantly, To Give You What’s Already Proven To Work. You Don’t Need To Guess Anymore!
Start Getting PROVEN Results NOW! But Don't Take OUR Word For It...
Meet Rob Holt, who went from almost giving up on his business to having SOLD OUT classes in JUST 6 WEEKS... Saving his business and more!
Meet Derrick Jackson, long-time Ben Philly member, sharing the value he walks away with after attending Ben / Turnkey Sales Solutions' events.
Meet Judy Cohen, Ben Philly member, speaking about the invaluable tips she receives from attending Ben / Turnkey Sales Solutions' events.
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